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Wolff Report is a Financial analyst in his mid-thirties with a tri-lingual background. He was born in Germany, but raised for the most part in Sweden. Prior to becoming a world-renowned Financial analyst with over 2 million annual readers, he began his career in Social work and sociology. He managed a staffing business that assisted Scandinavian public institutions with personnel. In 2019, he took his investing more seriously and started contributing on Seeking Alpha.

Within less than 2 years, he’d grown from zero to more than 25,000 paying subscribers, and 2 million total readers of his articles. He was approached by real estate and REIT investment expert Brad Thomas (www.BradTom.com) and became a full-time part of the Wide Moat Research team. As the senior  analyst covering all of Europe for the company’s various investment products and services, he now works with the company.

During his market career, spanning all the way back to 2011, Wolff Report’s core investment portfolio has always outperformed local comparative indexes (OMXSPI, OMSX30, DAX). This was done through a combination of conservative dividends, value-oriented investing and strong risk management. In 2021, Wolff Report beat the market by more than 2X (4X for the NASDAQ), delivering more than 45% annual return.

Wolff Report’s aim is to provide valuation-conscious investing services and information for investors across the globe. He wants to facilitate the acquiring of expert knowledge and guidance for novice and intermediate investors. His writing style blends colloquial and humorous expression with hard financial data, facts and valuation, in order to keep readers interested. The best investment advice he can give is “learn from mistakes, stay conservative, and stay focused on fundamentals. Above all, always learn”.

And, remember – The best investment you can make is investing in yourself.

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