#1 European Contributor on Seeking Alpha

Wolff Report publishes on Seeking Alpha on a weekly basis, usually around 3-5 articles per week. His work is freely available under either a free or paid subscription, and his coverage extends from European to North American and Asian companies on the stock market. His analysis focuses on fundamental upsides, valuation, dividend growth investing, and finding the best, cheapest quality available on the market at all times, regardless of the market sentiment at the time.

Senior European Analyst, iREIT on Alpha

iREIT on Alpha is a private investment community, accessible through paid membership on Seeking Alpha. The marketplace focuses on expertise in REITs, Real estate stocks, dividend stocks, and options. It offers several example portfolios to take inspiration from, and everything from CEO Interviews of some of the largest real estate companies on earth, deep coverage of European stocks and North-American stocks, as well as a fully interactive chat with the opportunity to interact directly with market experts.

iREIT on Alpha is one of the highest-rated services with a score of 4.9/5, and is the 3rd-most reviewed service ever on Seeking Alpha. The service has thousands of paying subscribers interacting on a daily basis with the articles and subjects shared by expert analysts.

Senior European Analyst, Wide Moat Research LLC

Since 2021, Wolff Report is a full-time employee of the Wide Moat Research team, with a focus on European stocks, dividends and investments. He uses his own expertise combined with the forecasts and work from well-known equity analyst and stock analyst services to provide high-quality market and stock analysis to paying subscribers.