Wealth Management & Services

Wolff Report offers newsletter and portfolio guidance services to international investors with an interest in Income investment and managing their own portfolios. Through general investment portfolios with targets tailored specifically to Very/Ultra/High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI). Solutions are tailored to client needs, with everything from generalized guidance and targets, to CFA-compliant portfolio management services based specifically on analyst goals.

Wolff Reports HNWI services cater only with individuals that fulfill the requirements for such operations. Services are aimed at Investors with upward of €/$10-€/$100M in investable capital. Our clients are located in Bulgaria, Germany, France, Cyprus, United States, Canada, Sweden, Norway and Spain. Wolf Report HNWI services do not cater to individuals with less than €/$1,000,000 in investable capital.

The goals for Wolff Report HNWI services is a market-compared lower beta, a conservative asset/invesment allocation with market-equal or above-market development, while retaining a superior income yield on an annual basis. Our services have, on average, beat the market the past 5 years while providing more than 3X the income of passive/ETF-based investing.

Our targets are to keep pricing significantly below the fee-based structure of standard Wealth management services while providing an above-average quality.

If you wish to inquire about these services and arrange a consultation, we ask that you use the following adress:

WM (@) WolffReport.com